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What Drives Social Innovation?

The Rise of Global Social Entrepreneurship 1971-4 were big years for global social reform…but it took us 40+ years to fully realize how big. It was in the early 1970′s, that two new enterprises were formed, one in the U.S. […]

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Entrepreneurship Is Fueling Global Change

Entrepreneurship… is now fueling the world’s quests to end epidemics, resolve inequities and poverty, increase education and care for our natural resources.    Three forces – government environment, bottoms up desire for skills/learning, and conscious capital – have come together to create this sea of change. […]

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Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

What’s the link between innovative start-ups and sustainability? I recently worked with a group of executives from all over Europe in a 5-day session on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, held at Berkeley.  Executives participating were from over 25 organizations in Europe, from small start-ups to large corporations such as oil companies. […]

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Events fostering Innovation

Back at Apple in the 1980′s, we knew how to throw a party – annual developer conferences, beer bashes and new media shindigs…all served to bring together the community around the Macintosh.   Then something funny happened.  Macworld led to Internet World; Internet World led to Always On; Always On led to Web 2. […]

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What topics would you like to see discussed here?

Thanks for joining us in our discussion about social entrepreneurship and impact investing.  The goal is to be helpful to social entrepreneurs who will be seeking funding for their companies and investors who are exploring impact and social investing. We would like to find out what topics you, the reader, would like to see covered in a blog on this topic? […]

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