What topics would you like to see discussed here?

Thanks for joining us in our discussion about social entrepreneurship and impact investing.  The goal is to be helpful to social entrepreneurs who will be seeking funding for their companies and investors who are exploring impact and social investing.

We would like to find out what topics you, the reader, would like to see covered in a blog on this topic?

Randy Haykin  ~  May 16,2011



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One Response to “What topics would you like to see discussed here?”

  1. Ivan Pesic on 17/01/2012 #

    - Are corporations willing to go beyond short term profit in order to contribute to the world at large?
    - What are they willing to do in a world facing climate change, dwindling resources, food and water supplies contaminated by pharmaceuticals, and polluted by spills and chemicals used in last ditch attempts to extract the meager remains of carbon based energy reserves?
    - Are they willing to go beyond greed in order to contribute to a world in social and political upheaval?
    - Are they aware of the necessity to replace competition with cooperation? Are they willing to promote this awareness?

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