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Gratitude Award Winners Announced for 2014

The Gratitude Network is excited to present its 2014 Gratitude Award winners:  GoodWorld Solutions (Oakland, CA), The Springboard Collaborative (Philadephia, PA), DrinkWell (Mumbai, India)  and Jail Education Solutions (Chicago, IL). Jail Education Solutions - improves inmate outcomes by incentivizing educational and vocational progress through tablet-based curriculum in correctional facilities.  Jail Education was the winner of our [...]

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What Drives Social Innovation?

The Rise of Global Social Entrepreneurship 1971-4 were big years for global social reform…but it took us 40+ years to fully realize how big. It was in the early 1970′s, that two new enterprises were formed, one in the U.S. And one on Bangladesh, that would go on to positively affect the lives of tens [...]

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Entrepreneurship Is Fueling Global Change

Entrepreneurship… is now fueling the world’s quests to end epidemics, resolve inequities and poverty, increase education and care for our natural resources.    Three forces – government environment, bottoms up desire for skills/learning, and conscious capital – have come together to create this sea of change.  The Millennials will cause changes like we’ve never seen in the world.  In general, [...]

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