Mentor Network

Importance of Mentoring Growth Stage Organizations…

Mentoring is a particularly important part of the equation. The team at Gratitude is vetting and compiling a significant global network of experts and leaders to work with the companies that we will be supporting.

With a combined 75 years of partner experience working with growth-stage companies in for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, the Gratitude Network team realize that reaching profitability or sustainability is not only a function of funds, but is often impacted by the capability of the team (and a certain amount of luck in the market) and the advice they are surrounding themselves with.

We believe that time, treasure and talent is needed to assist social entrepreneurs in achieving their goals; thus, we provide ALL THREE values to the social entrepreneurs we back.

Our Mentor Network…

The Gratitude Mentor Network is in the process of development. We are partnered with key colleges, consulting firms, and NGOs to identify top experts that are interested in sharing their time and talents with growth-stage social/impact ventures.

The network will shortly consist of ~200 serial entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, venture capitalists, social/impact and geographic specialists.

The skill-set that these mentors will have fall into several key categories:

  • Growth stage knowledge from past experience
  • Industry knowledge – education, business and non-profit experience
  • Board expertise – experience with fiduciary responsibility at previous companies
  • Geographical knowledge – operation knowledge of U.S., Latin America, African and the India markets

Growing Our Mentor Base

The Gratitude Network is actively seeking mentors to add to its network in the following areas:

  • Serial entrepreneurs who have taken companies through growth and scaling stages
  • Venture capital or financial managers who have experience with growth-stage organizations
  • Regional experts for Latin America (Spanish or Portuguese-speaking experts)
  • Education experts

To apply to be a mentor, please click here.