Investment Strategy

Investment StrategyThe Gratitude Network is on the look-out for paradigm-changing organizations (both for-profit and not-for-profit) that are applying innovation to making a lasting change to an existing system.

Our criteria for investment match up to these questions:

  • Is the organization in its “seed” or “growth” stage of development?
  • Does the organization meet a growing need or problem among the marginalized?
  • Is this organization innovative in its product/service, use of technology, business model, leadership approach or other area?
  • Are the leaders acting as “change-agents” now or in the future, and do they think “out of the box”?
  • Does the organization’s business model have the potential to be sustainable?
  • Can the work of this organization create lasting systemic change?

Our present focus is on Education. In the future, with time, this will expand to global issues of poverty alleviation, environment, and health.

Within the Education space, we focus on US education and education in developing countries around the world. Through our research and events have formed our opinions on the current landscape and have made our first investments in K-12, higher education and continuing/adult education.