What We Do

The Gratitude Network focuses on the pollenization of great ideas — it is a ‘beehive’ of innovation and innovators, that finds local greatness and then funds & mentors the scaling of this greatness to regional, and possibly global application.
– Guru Singh – Aug 2011


The Gratitude Network scours the world for social entrepreneurs – particularly those serving the “base of the pyramid” market – those people who are marginalized by society today and live in fear, poverty, or unhealthy conditions.  We look for entrepreneurs who have used an innovative business model, products, services or leadership to create a compelling vision for social change.  We invest in not-for-profit or for-profit entities, as long as they can demonstrate a business model which can reach sustainability and/or profitability.

Our initial focus is primarily in youth and education programs because we believe these segments are ripe for innovation, and are one of the basic building blocks for alleviating world poverty.  To find “game-changing” teams, we partner with other firms in venture philanthropy, large humanitarian organizations (who already have the reach into most countries) and universities (who are turning up some of the most innovative new entrepreneurs).